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Right angle gearbox

From Stephane Baleon, posted 08/04/2020

Transmitting rotative motion and torque between two 90° angled shafts is possible by the means of right-angle gearboxes. The torque is transmitted by the use of gears such as bevel, worm and hypoid gears depending on the level of efficiency and ratio required.

gearbox layout

But transmitting torque with precision, low backlash and high efficiency on a right-angle basis is often overlooked by machine designers. The gears need to be of high quality, perfectly aligned on all axis, lubricated and within a stiff assembly to avoid noise and poor operation life. The choice of bearings is also important due to thrust loads generated by the bevel type gears.

In order to offer the best right-angle gearbox solutions to machine designers while saving them time and costs, Adamant Precision is offering a full range of right-angle gearboxes from Kyouiku gears covering every designer requirements. Be it high ratio, 3-axis gearbox, hollow shaft, high torque, high speed, low backlash, compact size or even economical solution, we have it.

All Adamant Precision gearboxes range

Properties of Adamant Precision gearboxes from Kyouiku gears:

- From 1:1 to 50:1 ratio
- Low backlash
- 1-2 weeks lead time
- Shaft from ø3 to ø20
- Hollow shaft available
- Up to 30Nm of output torque

Precision-built miniature bevel gearbox

All the right-angle gearboxes of this range are using high precision bearings, combined with a full aluminium anodized enclosure for high stillness. Also, the gearbox comes lubricated for life to ensure high efficiency, no need for maintenance which is a great cost reduction for machine designers.

⮞ BS gearbox range is using high precision bevel gears. It comes as a 90° gearbox or a 3-axis T-shape gearbox. Lubricated for life, with high precision ball bearings and anodized aluminium enclosure.

- Ratio 1:1 and 2:1
- Shaft from ø3mm to ø12mm
- Low backlash 15' to 20'

BS range gearbox

⮞ BSH gearbox range is using spiral bevel gears to smooth motion at higher speed and reduce vibrations and noise. It comes as a 90° gearbox or a 3-axis T-shape gearbox and shares the same advantages as the BS range like life lubrication and high precision ball bearings.

- Ratio 1:1
- Shaft from ø6mm to ø25mm
- Low backlash 10' to 15'

BSH Adamant Precision spriral gearboxes range

⮞ BSB gearbox range offers hollow shaft so you can mount your motor shaft directly into the gearbox. Fewer parts, higher precision, faster assembly time. As BS and BSH range, it comes with ball bearings, life lubrication and anodized aluminium enclosure.

- Ratio 1:1
- Plain shaft from ø6mm to ø12mm
- Hollow shaft from ø5mm to ø12mm
- Low backlash 15'

BSB Adamant Precision bevel holow shaft gearboxes range

Compact and economical bevel gearbox

⮞ BE gearbox range will save space thanks to its compact design, using thin bushings rather than ball bearings. It also comes cheaper than the other options and can be a great design asset if the loads are acceptable. All the BE right-angle gearboxes are using bevel gears and come lubricated with their full aluminium anodized enclosure for full protection and safety.

- Ratio 1:1 to 2:1
- Shaft from ø4mm to ø12mm
- Competitive pricing

BE Adamant Precision compact economical gearbox range

High-efficiency hypoid gearbox

HY gearbox range is using hypoid gears for higher ratio than standard bevel gearbox, up to 10:1, while maintaining excellent efficiency and smoothness while operating. It comes lubricated for life with high-quality ball bearing in a full anodized aluminium enclosure giving full stiffness to the assembly. Smooth and silent right angle gearbox range.

- Higher ratio from 5:1 to 10:1
- High efficiency
- Shaft from ø6mm to ø15mm
- Backlash 20'

HY Adamant Precision Hypoid gearbox range

High ratio worm gearbox

⮞ WS gearbox range includes worm gears to provide a much higher ratio than classic bevel gearboxes, up to 50:1, in a compact volume. Backdriving efficiency is low, which can be used to design a self-locking, non-backdrivable mechanism. 

- Highest ratio from 10:1 to 50:1
- Shaft from ø5mm to ø15mm
- Backlash 25' to 40'

WS Adamant Precision worm high ratio gearbox range

Custom right-angle gearbox

Adamant Precision is able to change the design of any gearbox to suit your application. Please get in touch with us and share your requirements so we can return with an offer, drawings and leadtime.

Adamant Precision is able to change gearbox dimensions, material, mounting holes, shaft diameters and flats, and so much more.

Few examples of custom gearboxes from Adamant Precision:

Custom modification of the right-angle gearbox housing. This allows for special mounting in the customer assembly, saves space and design time on their end.

Adamant Precision custom body change gearbox


Shaft length modification. Here the gearbox has longer shafts, but we can also machine the shaft ends, change diameter, change material, add keys or flats or add surface coatings or treatments.

Adamant Precision longer shaft gearbox modification


The following right-angle gearbox has been Nickel platted. The Nickel-plated gearbox has increased corrosion resistance and can be used in harsh environments with a long operational life.

Adamant Precision gearbox nickel plating custom modification

Here, the gearbox shafts have DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating giving them extra hardness for the specific customer application.

Adamant Precision DLC Diamond like carbon coating custom gearbox

We are able to custom the gears of the right-angle gearbox. Here we have a 3-axis T-shaped gearbox with differential gears arrangement and special custom ratio for the customer application.

Adamant Precision special gears differential custom gearbox

Finally, we are able to change all materials, from the housing, through gears and up to the shafts. Here the customer required an all stainless steel gearbox including the body which was previously aluminium.

Adamant Precision full stainless steel material custom gearbox


Anything is possible, including change of bearings, lubrication, coatings, materials or even imperial dimensions rather than metrics.


When it comes to high precision gearboxes, Adamant Precision is here to help.

We hope this article helped you to get around Adamant Precision range of gearboxes from Kyouiku gears. Kyouiku is one of the most recognized pioneers of standard metric gears which is why their right-angle gearboxes are well designed, with the expertise of gear manufacturing and operation in mind.

For more information, please get in touch, or have a look at Adamant Precision gearbox product page which includes a search tool to find the best gearbox to suit your application.

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